Building capital.


We are a London-based fund investing in the leading founders

across Europe from Seed to Series A.

We are focused on supporting founders building finTech,

regTech, insurTech, legalTech and propTech companies

making a material difference.


Our portfolio tackles archaic systems, inflated costs

and opaque and inefficient operations. 

We are founders, operators, investors and team members.

We recognise strengths early and fill gaps quickly. 



Prior to starting Outrun Ventures, Chris and Tariq invested in more than 115 companies collectively. Many are notable. We saw them before the crowd.


Open Banking API enabling fintech partners easy access to banking systems.


Fast & secure automatic enrolment workplace pensions platform.


Access annual season commuter tickets

with monthly instalments. 


Point-of-sale payments for small

businesses in Africa.


Our pillars

The power of community can’t be discounted. 

Serendipity and reciprocity can make businesses. We give our founders a leg up by creating genuine communities of support around them. We find the best companies because of the community we’ve built around ourselves.

We get in the trenches. 

We are operators and company builders. Capital is only one element of how we support founders. 





Connect to the right people within the right companies at the right time. 

We pride ourselves on being experts in everything with one degree of separation. Our carefully curated network helps founders reduce painstakingly long sales cycles and get to best practice quickly.

Invest in fewer and give them more.

A concentrated approach enables us to pick and holistically support leading companies. We are a fintech fund investing in Europe. We are investing in a smaller tranche of companies than your average Seed / Series A fund. We mean it when we say we get involved. 



Our Address

41 Luke St




General Enquiries


Outrun Venture Partners LLP is registered with the Financial Conduct Authority as a manager of European venture capital funds. Partners: Chris Adelsbach & Tariq Khan. Registered office : 41 Luke Street, London EC2A 4DP, UK. Registered in England, number: OC423602.