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Griffin raises $24m as it trumpets a fully fledged banking licence

Screenshot 2024-02-06 at 16.54.56

Clean energy fintech platform Renew Risk raises £1.7m

Asset Reality

Crypto Recovery Specialist Asset Reality Raises $4.91M to Hire Engineers, Expand Ops


Open banking B2B payments firm Crezco raises £9.6m


Meet PowerMarket, helping British businesses become energy independent and secure

Our Perspectives

Chris named top climate tech investor by Sifted

2023 End of year letter: 10 years of Angel Investing and (finally) evergreen….I think. by Chris Adelsbach

Chris tops Business Insider's Seed 50: The best of Europe's early-stage investors

Shieldpay Podcast: Tariq Khan on Fundraising

Chris heads Sifted's 2021 list of Europe's most active fintech investors

Industry Insights: Venture Capital & Fintech With Tariq Khan Partner at Outrun Ventures.

Tariq Khan on crypto: The Opportunities and the Dangers.

2020 End of year letter: What a year! 2020 was many things, but predictable… by Chris Adelsbach

2021 End of year letter: I made 65 Angel investments in 2021 and I’m ‘doubling down’ on Fintech entrepreneurship and innovation. by Chris Adelsbach

2019 End of year letter: 107 Angel Investments to date. Time to pause for thought and share some insights. by Chris Adelsbach

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